Best Android Emulators For Windows PC

The smartphone arena paved the way for many advancements. The trending mobile phones with cutting-edge technology entered the market, on the other hand, many Android applications and games were developed with a craving for success. This made the instant yet lifetime shift in the dependence of smartphone in one’s life.

You should agree when I say, without a smartphone, a life would be intricate to lead. You need to communicate with your buddies, be active in social media and others things as well. A wide range of Apps will help you to make your overall activity fluid and efficient. Anyhow, a smartphone without any appropriate apps will be a waste of money.

Apart from the mobile phones, computers PC is another greatest contribution from the technological evolution. it changed the way we hook to our tasks.

If you were a custom computer user and wanted to taste the Android apps, it might be difficult to handle both simultaneously. Thank god, there were certain Android emulators for PC are in the game. Which will help you to simulate the Android on your computer so that you can have the virtual Android phone?

So today, let’s see some of the Android emulators that will help you to run Android apps and games run your Windows desktop. For begin, let’s get started with some basics.

What is an Android Emulator?

Android Emulator is a software for computers that runs the Android OS without replacing your existing system files. It has an SKD bundle along with the essential system files to run the mobile operating system (in this case Android) on your computer without any physical device use. With this, you can run any apps or games on your PC without any hassles, way better than smartphones.

Why do You Need an Android Emulator?

As I said earlier, smartphone are handy devices, whereas computers are entertainment or work oriented gadgets. If you want to have the both in on the gadget, you can go with an emulator. Since you can’t get the computers software to your mobile phone.

  • You can develop and test Android apps on your desktop.
  • Play high-end games.
  • Make use of trying any new apps.
  • You can test anything since the loss won’t affect you.
  • If you have to the run root apps, you can go with a rooted emulator.
  • With this software, you can run Whatsapp, Instagram, Xender and other apps seamlessly.

It’s up to you, how you make use of that. Let’s see some,

Best Android Emulators For Windows PC

1. Bluestacks

Blustacks remains as the synonym for the android emulator. With this, you can play games, install your favorite apps and explore the whole new Android experience on your desktop. You can’t develop apps using Bluestacks; you can run any app only. Moreover, to run Bluestacks you need to have the active Graphic card installed on your computer. If you have, then upgrade the drivers for hassle-free installation.


The free version come with many sponsored apps and games. You can get rid of this with a premium plan by paying 2$ per month. If you are just a beginner, then Bluestack will the way to go solution. If you managed to get the rooted version, your possibilities would be limitless.

Download Bluestacks (Rooted version)     |     Download Bluestacks (Non-Rooted version)

2. Andy

Andy is another possible way as an android emulator for PC to get all new dimension for your mobile gaming. Andy has many unique features that we weren’t encountered on the other emulators. You can install any app or games to your emulator using your browser as host. Further, you can mirror Android phone to PC, and use your mobile as a controller for gaming.


Apart from that, you’ll get the tons of other features that will help you along the way. But, you need to have the Virtual Box (A Guest Operating system software), that comes with the installation set up.

Download Andy Emulator 

3. Droid 4X

Droid4X is a new software that is currently rocking the emulator’s arena. You can expect almost all the experience of the smartphone in your PC. Like Andy, you can use your Android phone as a game controller for your desktop, by installing the Droid4X app in mobile. The gameplay is pretty smooth, and you won’t encounter any lag or sluggish experience. Like Android phone, you can zoom in and zoom out with this emulator; you can use mouse scrolling bar for that.

Droid 4X

They come with the rooted version, which has the superuser app installed. For the instant usage, they have installed Google Play Store and other important Android apps within the emulator.

Download Droid4X

4. Genymotion

Genymotion Android emulator is best for developers to tune their app fine by testing it multiple times. Even you can run android apps on PC, but its suites best for developers with over 3,000 Android configurations to test. Many features like quick deployment, hefty configuration, faster boot than the actual device, web camera integration, automate testing with Java API and much more.


You can get all the essential features with a free version, if you need more, you can either go with premium or enterprise plans as per your requirements. You can download Genymotion by a simple sign up.

Download Genymotion 

5. Windroy

Windroy is one of the best Android emulators for PC out there with some unique features. First of all, this emulator runs on the Windows kernel, which makes it compatible with Windows versions. Second, the speed would be higher, and stability is impressive. It is one of the light-wight Android emulators with all the possible features.


Perhaps, you don’t need any third party software installation like Andy emulators. You can quickly download any apps and games as per your wish through the Play Store.

Download Windroy Emulator

6. YouWave

YouWave is a work oriented android emulator that does its job well. You can install apps from your local disk or directly through the Play Store. Further, you can notice the progress of installation in a top right corner.


The operation speed is quite average which makes it somewhat slower. You can run this android emulator for PC in most of the resolutions; you can choose from the wide range. Other than this, this emulator is awesome.

Download YouWave

7. Xamarin Android Player

Xamarin is an untapped Android emulating software to get the android apps and games on your desktop. Xamarin is developed by the prolific developers to test the Android apps those they developed. As an outcome of the experts, Xamarin is almost bug-free. You can run most of the android apps or games without any limitation. Since it doesn’t run independently, you need to install the Virtual Box software.

Xamarin Android Player

You can download Virtual Box software for your Windows or Mac from here. Download xamarin Android emulator for your computer, for the 32-bit version, go here, for 64-bit here.

8. DuOS

If you thought of experiencing the real gaming, you need to go with DuOS -M Emulator. It runs parallel with the YouWave and another android emulator for PC. Since it isn’t free software, though you’ll get one complete month trial period to know about this. If your laptop has a touchscreen, you cam go with this emulator. It supports multi-touch and other essential features like, pinch to zoom.

Apart from that, you’ll also get the GPS support to detect your current laptop or computer location. It doesn’t require any Virtual box installation. Download DuOS-M for 32-bit from here and for 64-bit go here.

Not only for developers, even for the beginners or newbies these emulating software will useful. After the installation of the emulator, install some useful Android apps and games to begin. If this helped you, feel free to share with your friends and relatives, so that let them know about a best android emulator for windows PC.