(60+) Top Best Torrent Sites 2016

The Internet is suffused with insane materials through which one can get almost anything without being fizzled. If you thought of getting the latest movies or software or PC games, then downloading them is a feasible option. Thousands of files are uploaded to the web every day, and you should know where there are being uploaded. Moreover, when it comes to the downloading, torrents are something that is the traditional mode of data transmission.

Torrent are the easy yet reliable way to send extensive data across the web without any hassles. As a result, the torrent becomes the synonym for the downloading stuff at this time. With the torrent websites, you can get almost any files ranging from latest movies to computer software. Best part, you don’t need to pay a dime to download, expect your internet bills. If you have the unlimited steady internet connection, you are unstoppable. You don’t need dedicated websites to download free movies if you have the torrent websites in your hand.

But torrent files are scattered, you need to have some of the best torrent sites access. Once you have, you can search and download any torrent file with the torrent download programs like uTorrent. Anyhow, the reliable yet safe torrent websites are a big headache. You need to have the experience to rate the best one.

So on the readers request, we are listing some of the top best torrent sites that would help you to get your desired files without any delay. Before we move one, it is our duty to educate you what and how torrent works. So let’s start. So let’s start.

What is a Torrent?

Torrents are nothing but the files with .torrent extension, which can be opened torrent clients like uTorrent, BitTorrent, etc. They contain the information like trackers and other server related details. Once, you have loaded with the torrent clients, and it would look for the peers and seeds then your downloading starts automatically.

Further, some best web browsers itself supports torrent downloading among best web browsers itself supports torrent downloading among Torch browser is a right choice.

How Torrent Works?

The way torrent works is easy to understand. Look at the below processes.

If the user downloaded the torrent files with these best torrent sites and opened those files with the BitTorrent software, all the magic will happen. The file contains all the tracker and other information, which help the torrent clients to connect the remote seeders or leechers then the starts the downloading work.

The torrent operates on the peer to peer (P2P) file sharing model, and this depends on the seeders or leechers for receiving the data. So the downloading speed of the torrent varies a lot, if the file has decent leechers, then the rate might be high. Even if you found software is slower, you can follow this guide to speed up uTorrent torrent software

Cool, Right? It is better to know behind the scene working of torrent websites. If you don’t need to use clients, you can even download torrent files via IDM. So let us see some of the best torrent sites to explore for the files.

Best Torrenting Websites 2016

1. KickAss Torrent

KickAss Torrent is an excellent web site to get most of the torrent files for free downloading. KickAss Torrent drove the immense traction back in 2009, and it now remains as a number one among the best torrent sites. With the KickAss Torrent, you can quickly download any files ranging from Computer Games, Software, free HD movies, eBooks, TV Shows and Videos, and many other files as well. They have the appropriate seeds or leeches to download the files which is one of the biggest benefits.

2. Torrentz

Torrentz is not a torrenting website, it is the world’s best torrent search engine. With The Torrentz website, you can quickly discover your desired files without individually visiting each torrenting site.


If you searched your term in the search bar, you would get the results from various websites. With these you no longer need to scratch your head to find the relevant torrent files, just plug your case name that’s it. This top torrenting website will do the rest of the work.

3. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is the old website to download torrents. They have the wide range of categories like PC Games, Movies, Videos, Software, Apps, and much more. They have the lesser ads and the user interface is better and the torrents are also of high quality. They do contain of the adult content or porn in the form of the videos or ads, better don’t hear to them. Apart from that, The Pirate Bay is the best torrenting website ever I’d encountered.

4. Extra Torrent

Extra Torrent is a renowned top torrenting site that made the discovering of torrents lot easier. You can quickly download any Games, movies, songs and much more without worrying much. But Extra Torrent is blocked in India as per the Government order. If you need to surf the Extra Torrent you can make use of Proxies or any VPNs.

5. YIFY Torrent Site

Yify Torrent is one of the old initiative started quite back if you are a hardcore movie lover then this website comes handy. You can quickly find your desired movies either by year of launch or genre. They have the latest movies which get updated regularly. Further, this website has tons of full Hd movies, 1080p movies and ultra definition as well.

6. ISO Hunt

One of the top best torrent site that is re-opened to its users. Way back in 2013, this website had some copyright infringement issue, the verdict had to stop the ISO Hunt website. After once the mess has been cleared, they were back with the bang. They do offer a lot of stuff to download without any intricate things, best part their site’s design is far better. Unfortunately, the ISO Hunt had stopped serving in India due to some of the government orders. If you still need the access, as usual, go with VPN or proxies.

7. Lime Torrent

Lime torrent is quite familiar yet best torrent sites that worth for checking. They have huge files in their database, which includes movies, games, music, or any other files. Most of the torrent files are decent seeders or leechers rate so you can expect moderate download speed. Overall Lime torrent is quite trusted and worthy website that you can bookmark now.

8. BitSnoop

BitSnoop is by far the best torrent site, I’m using from quite long. They have tons of torrents in their database while most of them are safe. One thing that I liked the most with this top torrent site is they have the dedicated committee to hold back the torrent with a virus or infected files from being uploaded. As per my knowing, no other torrent websites offer this facility.

9. Mini Nova 

Mini Nova is a decent level website to get torrent files with dilute steps. It is one of the ultimate BitTorrent sources out there, and you can easily get any movies or games or any other files on this website. You can register for the free account in which you’ll get the updates about the trending aspects. Apart from that, you even have the spam filter to sort out the infected files. Overall Mini Nova is one of the best sites to download torrents.

10. EZTV

EZTV is the particular torrent site that solely deals with the television and reality shows. You can quickly explore the various TV shows, reality shows, or any other serials in most of the languages. If you registered for an account, you would receive the updates directly to your inbox. Best part, it is not mandatory to register for downloading the torrent files.

11. 1337X Torrent

1337x is a great website to download torrents for free. Earlier, 1337x was a community with active torrent uploading members, later on, they turned out as one among the best torrent sites. They have the wide variety of files ranging from Games to music, which is free to download. Since most of the community members were from United Kingdom ( UK ), you can even get the regional TV shows and other programs that not found anywhere.

12. Tor Lock 

Tor Lock is another good torrent site with massive audience base. They do have the original uploaders with most of the torrents weren’t fake. You can quickly get most of the torrent files, and they do have the many categories where the files are located under appropriate labels. Most of the movie torrents have a high number of seeds and peers, so you can easily get the high-speed while downloading.

13. Torrent Box

Torrent Box is a well-structured website to download torrent files. They have the binary client, which is entirely satisfactory. They have over 4 Million torrent files in their database, which makes it insane and one of the best torrent sites. In Torrent Box, the categories are well managed you can download them quickly. They have many sections, from eBooks to movies, which were safe and having good seeds and peers.

14. Torrent Reactor

Torrent Reactor is clearly one of the best torrent sites, and they were performing pretty well. Although the Ads are on this site, still it worth the files. Being the torrent website, you can quickly grab the raw and trending torrent files right from the homepage. Anyhow, one of the top torrenting site that is by far one of my default choices.

15. Demonoid

Demonoid is the forum based torrent site like 1337X. You can easily download torrent files without worrying much, further, if you have doubt about the torrent whether it infected or not you can clarify your queries with the forum members.

16. Torrent Hound 

Torrent Hound is one of the clean and well designed torrent downloading site. With over 8M+ torrent files are under their database roof so that you won’t miss any files. They have pretty high-quality movies and videos, which have moderate seeds and peers.

17. Sumo Torrent 

Sumo is more than a torrent website, you can quickly get your desired torrent files without scratching your head. They have the clean and clutter-free user interface with lesser ads, so it makes the browsing experience seamless. They have the good number of seeds and peers rate.

18. Rarbg

Rarbg is a moderate quality website to download torrent files without hassle. If you are a first time visitor of this website, the pop-up ads may frustrate you. Apart from the ads everything looks professional and nice. They have the high-quality torrent files which ain’t infected. Anyhow, Rarbg is also the part of this top best torrenting sites list.

19. SeedPeer

SeedPeer is another worthy website to download torrent files. They have been since quite a long time, and uploads the genuine torrents with strict security measure. Many of the infected torrent sites get deleted frequently, so you can download the verified torrent files. You could able to explore the torrent files with search or driving through the categories. You’ll get the neat and clean user interface without any clumsy arrangement.

20. Torrent Downloads

Torrent downloads is so-called torrenting site that make the way for you around the torrents. If you thought of getting the high quality genuine movies you could visit this website. Furthermore, you can even unlock others files as well. Overall, clear UI and verified torrent files were something torrent download is famous for.

21. Games Torrents

If you were a kind of gamer, you must visit Games Torrents, which is one of best game torrent site. Basically, it is a spanish website, you could switch to English version as well. You’ll get a chance to download Games to your Windows PC, Xbox, PS4 Wii, Mac and smartphones as well. They have a wide array of categories of games from action to the racing. You can get paid games as well. You could register a free account for added benefits.


  • Download anything including, Software, streaming Music, Movies, videos, Games and much more.
  • Share your desired files across the web without spending any dime.
  • No restriction on the file size while sharing.
  • The torrents were interconnected with too many peers, which makes it easy to distribute.
  • Further, if you files are premium one you can sell them as well.
  • You can download torrents with clients or IDM or via websites like Zbigz.
  • Moreover, you can stream the HD video contents.
  • Resume supported while downloading.
  • Best part you don’t need to pay anything for downloading.


  • Torrents are extremely slow while downloading almost snail pace 🙁
  • You cannot find peers or leecher for many of the torrent files.
  • Many of the torrent files are infected with the virus.
  • Even many of the records contain the remote access programs, which might harm you most.
  • When it comes to the software or Games or even movies, most of them were pirated.
  • If you download the pirated stuff, you might land on the copyright infringement.
  • Torrents are banned in some of the countries.
  • Some of the torrent websites were filled with an adult or 18+ stuff which makes it not a feasible option for minors

Torrents remain as the way to go solution for most of the download queries. If you are looking for the best torrent sites that won’t hurt you, then the list we’d curated comes handy.

It took extensive research and testing to record some of these top torrenting sites that safe to download. So feel free to share with your friends and relatives, so that let them about these torrent websites. In case, we had missed any site then, please drop them in the comments section below 🙂

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