Best Web Browsers For Mac 2016

If you were a regular internet user, I bet you get to know about the web browsers. Irrespective of the platform, you need to install some reliable and fast web browsers to run at your pace. When we talk about platform, Apple Mac users are lesser in number.

Anyhow, Mac system reliable for quality and performance. Though they were tagged with the huge price tag, if the performance and the quality of the machine is a matter of concern, then go for it. The stability and support are mind-blowing. Even the CEO of the legendary Microsoft, great Bill Gates proclaimed Steve Jobs for his creation. If you were kinda Apple freak, you could quickly run Apple iOS apps on your Windows as well, without breaking your bank.

If were an Apple user, you know Apple Safari is the default browser. Although it is one of the best browsers for Mac machines, there is no doubt, but if you fed up with Safari you need some real alternative web browsers right?

Top Best Browser For Mac 2016

1. Google Chrome

Being the product of world’s largest search engine or technology company, Google Chrome stands out in the crowd. With its sleek and powerful interface allow you to get maximum benefits from minimum efforts. As far my observation, Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers for Mac I’d ever tested. With its speed and relevancy and abundant extensions to try, you won’t miss anything. You can sync all your bookmark, history and password to the cloud, and access that data in any part of the world with your Gmail account.

Google Chrome On Mac

You can enter private browsing, to keep your confidential data safe and secure. And even you can customize it as per your taste with themes. Anyhow, if you consider quality and performance then Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for Mac you are going to get.

Download Google Chrome 

2. Torch Browser

Torch resonate Google Chrome in style and appearance, since, it use the same framework to get add-ons. Anyhow, if you were a hard-core lover of heavy browsing and download you can get this one. They even have the torrent add-ons, through which you can download torrent files within your browser. If you managed to get .torrent files, from some torrenting websites, you can plug and start downloading. Best part, you don’t any torrents clients for Mac dedicatedly.

Torch Browser Mac

Other than that, you can consider the speed and durability as a consideration. Moreover, it isn’t a unique web browser, though it doesn’t matter. You can get the sample browsing speed, and you won’t anything crashing even after heavy usage. It is one plus with Torch browser, overall it worth the mention here.

Download Torch Browser

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is another important player in this industry since years. If you were a traditional internet user, you’d been tasted it once a while. Owning the intense rivalry with Google Chrome, Firefox remains the default choice as a browser for most. Due to its consistency, easy-to-use options and add-ons support make it robust.

Firefox on Mac

They have better customization as well, and you’ll get the plenty of themes to change your browser look. Recent versions are incredible; you no longer experience the sluggishness or slow rendering. They have fixed some bugs and made the browsing speed decent even in slow connections. Best part, they have solid developers base which provides multiple ways to come up with useful stuff. If you ask me about the best browser for Mac computers, they Mozilla might be the way to go solution.

Download Mozilla Firefox

4. Maxthon

Maxthon is the rising star as an internet browser in the tech arena; they have lifted themselves up in this field through their service. You can sync your Bookmark, History, and passwords with your email account, in any corner of the globe. Though the performance of the browser is decent, Maxthon even packed with the world’s powerful extensions. They accept any extensions that are compatible with Google Chrome.

Maxthon Browser Mac

Simple drag and drop and advanced mouse gestures make it robust piece. You don’t need to install the dedicated software for flash; they have an inbuilt extension for that.

Download Maxthon Browser

5. Opera

Opera is one of the native browsers of all time; we remember it with our traditional mobile phones. Thought it remains epic, you’ll notice the features of this web browser uplifted. They have extensions store, where you could get the most popular and latest extensions. Even you can customize your browser through some themes available out there. You could also checkout Opera Handler web browser for mobile phones, to explore the internet.

Opera For Mac

When it comes to the performance, you can expect a decent outcome from this Best Mac web browser. The speed and mouse gestures support were fine; the downloading speed is pretty decent as well.

Download Opera 

6. Camino

Camino is an old web browser that lasted long for over a decade. Still many of its users weren’t switched to the modern browser. Camino rocked the browser industry back, in its initial days. But later due to some reasons, they shut down the service. No longer the security updates were delivered to this browser, so it might unsafe for use.

camino for mac

Though it is one of the best browsers for Mac, we not recommend it. Because the updates are essential to keep up in the tight race, this browser lacks this.

Download Camino Browser

7. Flock Browser

Flock is another great web browser to crawl your RSS feed list and other social sites. Basically, it is a light-wight browser that is pretty powerful to keep all your browsing activity in a streamline. It is a replicated version of Mozilla Firefox which is one of the best web browsers for Mac and another platform as well.

Download Flock Browser

8. Apple Safari 

Apple Safari is one of the best Mac browsers that comes as default option as an internet web browser for Mac systems. It comes with the elite performance and unparallel features which were officially developed by the Apple Inc. As per my experience, Apple Safari is the faster and energy efficient that equipped with iCloud for seamless switches between Apple devices.

Apple safari Mac

They have the advanced javascript engine, that renders the websites faster, and slices the battery consumption when it comes compared to other browsers. Share menu is impressive, you can quickly share whatever you encounter with one-click to Mail or AirDrop (Send wirelessly to Any Near By Apple Devices).

Download Apple Safari

Having a Mac system isn’t a big deal, you need to have some alternate yet useful software installed for further activities. If browsing was your hobby, then you shouldn’t only depend on a single web browser. You need to come up with some alternative best browser for Mac. The Software mentioned here were an elite list; they were proven to be best. So feel free to try out.

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