Whilst there have been many impressive advances in anti-gravity and virtual reality technology, sometimes it’s good to keep things a little closer to home. So here’s a reminder of some of the best apps currently out there to help with tasks as mundane as cooking, plus some online games that can help perk up any particularly dull evening!


The morning commute is always something of a chore, but with apps like Waze you can get a crowdsourced way to beat the traffic and even find some interesting alternative routes back home.

If you’re hungry for data regarding your walk or bike ride to work, then the Strava fitness app can help provide real-time information about speed, time and calories burned. Plus the premium mode can even deliver personalised coaching to give you an extra incentive to keep fit for the upcoming summer months.

But if you really need an extra push when out and about, then consider the Zombies! Run! fitness app that works as a game by feeding in the sound of a ravenous pack of the undead at your heels whenever you slacken your pace!

Not all games have to be so terrifying however, and Betway’s selection of smartphone-friendly casino games can help you wind down with a luxurious game of online roulette or even live dealer blackjack to give your evening at home a particularly glamorous twist!

And what better way to accompany your online blackjack than with a deluxe meal courtesy of Yummly that serves up a massive range of recipe ideas dependent upon your budget, taste and nutritional demands.

Of course, there are times when we’ll want to be a little more lazy with our culinary delights. In which case the Deliveroo takeaway service can offer you some tasty treats that are a cut above the standard takeout meal.

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If you’re one of the many people who delight in taking photographs of their food, then the Enlight app has earned great reviews for the way that it can make even the most humdrum of subjects look suddenly atmospheric thanks to its great range of customisable filters.

And of course to communicate your photographic endeavours to your friends, what better way to share it than through the new Peach social media app that manages to be a cross between Facebook and Snapchat, and is perfect for boasting about your online blackjack endeavours or sharing that newly learned culinary skill!