How To Speed Up uTorrent To Increase Download Speed


If you were a download freak, Torrents might be your way-to-go solution to get the big files for free. With the help torrents, you can get anything from free Hd Movies to Software and games. Best part you don’t have to pay any dime to download those files, if you managed to pay your internet bills.

Torrent is a big network, and you hardly find few genuine sites. If you managed to know some of the best torrent websites, you might end up with gathering massive torrent files in no time. No matter which level expert you are, when it comes downloading the files your speed doesn’t even cross the snail’s pace. I know it is a frustrating job to download torrent files at nearly 0 KB/sec speed. Even higher than this might disappoint you, when your actual internet speed greater. Further, you could improve the speed, if you download torrents via IDM.

Why is the uTorrent Downloading Speed Low?

As all you know, uTorrent is one of the best torrent download programs by far, nothing is denying. The default settings of the uTorrent aren’t well enough to ramp up your downloading speed. You need to tweak it for maximum down rate.

Sometimes other than the settings might also contribute to the slower downloading speed. Today we’ll walk you through the complete steps to improve uTorrent download speed.

Let’s solve them.

How To Speed Up uTorrent For Faster Downloads

We have over three distinct steps you need to employ to improve your downloading speed in the uTorrent. Best part, you don’t need any torrent VPN services to do so. Let’s see them.

Method #1. Modify The Default uTorrent Settings

This method is quite is simple and effective. To know whether this method worked, make sure you check the downloading of the torrent file before you proceed further.

Step #1. Open uTorrent software and go to preferences by clicking CTRL + P or by clicking option and select preferences.

Step #2. Click on the connections tab. Make changes like the below screenshot.

uTorrent connection preference

Step #3. Then click on the Bandwidth tab.

Step #4. Make changes like below snapshot,

Speed up uTorrent

Step #5. As part of this stage, click on the BitTorrent tab and check all the boxes except “limit local bandwidth”. Like one below,

uTorrent Settings for faster download

Step #6. Click on the queuing and do the changes like the image below,

uTorrent Settings

Step #7. In the advanced settings change as below done,

Torrent Advanced settings

That’s it now click apply then ok your settings will be saved. Now recheck your torrent downloading speed.

Method #2. Reallocate More Bandwidth To Speed Up Downloading

You need to reallocate the bandwidth for the particular torrent file to improve the download speed. To do that right click on the torrent you want to increase the speed, click on the “bandwidth allocation” and click high.

Improbve uTorrent download speed

Method #3. Tweak Your Desktop

Make sure you don’t run any programs while the uTorrent is downloading. You can allocate the maximum memory for the app, by going to the task manager (CTRL + ALT + DEL) click on the uTorrent and click on go to details. Now again right click and set the priority to high.

Tips and Tricks To Increase uTorrent Download Speed;

  • Always download a single file once, don’t go for multiple if you’d slower connection.
  • Make sure your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or country not blocked torrents.
  • Don’t download seed-less torrent files.
  • Make sure you don’t run too many software while downloading.
  • Directly connect your modem or router to your computer for enhanced speed.
  • Don’t upload or browse the internet with your Web Browser while downloading
  • Contact your ISP if still the speed suck!

That’s it!

Wrapping it up,

Download speed is the primary factor upon which the time for the completion would depend on. If you were into torrenting, download speed is one of the most frustrating. Of course, it is one of the daunting tasks for the newbies to improve uTorrent download speed. Although it isn’t a rocket science to speed up uTorrent, if you follow up this guide.

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