Rapidgator is one of the best sites to upload any kind of files ranging from Music to Movies. You can upload anything let others download them for free. Basically, it is a file sharing network that allows you to share your content to the world. Moreover, if you were a Rapidgator regular user, you must have the rapidgator premium account to align your needs.

Although the free account comes with a lot of restriction with download speed, no instant downloads, irritating ads and much more. You need the rapid gator paid account to get the seamless access to your files. But, not everyone able to get the premium accounts. So we have taken a step forward to help you out people.

We here Tech Treak had purchased the rapidgator premium account to share for those who have requested. With premium accounts, you’ll get,

  1. Download speed with no limits.
  2. Unlimited simultaneous downloads without any hassles.
  3. No queues for file download.
  4. No ads or pop-ups.
  5. Download files up to 5 GB in size
  6. Ease of use the dashboard

It is great, isn’t it? So why are you waiting for, grab the free premium account before the plan ends.

Free Rapidgator Premium Accounts August 2016

Rapidgator premium account 2016

We were here to serve you in a right way, along with that we need to make the reach for everyone. So as part of the concern, we’d uploaded the account details like email and password to the survey. It is quite easy to complete, within few minutes, your file will start downloading.

Download Rapidgator Premium Account

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The main reason behind uploading the premium accounts to the survey because to prevent from the reach of spammers or copy cats.

Wrapping it up,

Rapidgator is the rising star in the file sharing arena, if you were looking for the rapidgator premium account, they this guide comes ready for you. We have two different rapidgator paid accounts entirely for free for you.