Free PD Proxy Premium Account September 2016

Pd Proxy is one of the best VPN service out there at an affordable price range. No matter what will be the needs, the trial accounts weren’t enough to meet your requirement. It is a frustrating to see bandwidth limit reached in your Pd proxy log window. Although it is one of the best class tools to remain anonymous, you need to have the unlimited bandwidth to have fun around.

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If you were looking for the Pd proxy premium account username and password, if you’d landed on the right place. We’ll provide you the complete authentication details for free. Before we move on, let’s dig some details.

What is Pd Proxy?

Pd Proxy is the desktop tool to connect to the virtual private network in your windows computer. Fortunately, this tool is only available for Windows system, not for Mac or Linux. Apart from that, you can tunnel your connection using three types of protocol, like TCP, UDP, and ICMP. Anyhow, in that TCP and UDP were the stable and way to a solution for VPN.

Pd Proxy

You need to create an account to get started with Pd Proxy; they have two models, i.e., free and premium. With a free account, you can use a daily bandwidth of 100Mb with the 2 demo servers only. In the free account, torrent downloading not supported.

Whereas in a premium account, you will get the unlimited bandwidth with a broad range of servers across the globe. Best part, it supports the torrenting downloading. You can check out some best torrent sites to start your downloading.

Benefits of Pd Proxy Premium Account 2016

  • Unlimited bandwidth usage, download or upload as much as you can.
  • Select servers across the globe.
  • Torrent downloading supported using uTorrent.
  • Elite security and encryption

Let’s see the premium accounts details.

Pd Proxy Premium Account Username And Password September 2016

We have purchased two different Pd proxy accounts if we upload directly some people might change the password, or they might use for some illegal activity as well. So to reach out of those, we need to encrypt the downloading option. So we have uploaded to the survey site to prevent the spam downloads.

You can easily bypass these surveys to unlock the files, give a try you’ll open for sure.

Download Premium Account 

Mirror Link 1         Mirror Link 2

Word of Warning: If you changed the password, we would ban you forever from Tech Treak. It repeats, we would stop serving the premium accounts. In case, the password has changed, wait for a while or check back later will reupdate the files.

Wrapping it up,

Pd proxy is one of the reliable services to hook upon; you must have the Pd Proxy premium account to rule over the restrictions. Moreover, not every able to afford for the paid account, we have taken a step forward to serve you people.

We have two different Pd Proxy premium account username and password, valid for next 1 year has shared. Feel free to share if it helped.

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