iOS Emulator For Windows To Run Apple Apps

Apple iOS is the traditional Operating System that remains as the experts pick for years. With its uncluttered user-interface and the unparallel design makes it the most advanced OS ever made. On the other hand, Microsoft Windows, the father of the computer software withstands in PC industry from decades. Still, Windows would be the way to go solution for any decision regarding desktop.

Apple iOS apps run in their parent OS only; fortunately, you can’t install them on your computer. But, you can dual boot Windows OS in the Apple using BootCamp. Moreover, you don’t have an option like that in the traditional Windows. Even if you attempt to do so, you might lose your existing system files.

What if I say, you can run Apple apps on Windows PC without any hassles? A win-win situation Right? For that, you need to have a iOS emulator for windows that simulate the Apple software. If you were an Apple lover, stuck with Windows for some reason, this comes handy. This scenario applies for Android as well, if you were a default android user, want to try Apple Apps, you could go with iOS emulator for android phones.

What is an iOS Emulator?

An iOS emulator is a software that runs the Apple iOS Apps on your Windows or any other machine virtually. Moreover, it doesn’t replace your entire operating system it just installs the iOS on your hard drive without leaving any impact on your system files. You don’t have to execute any technical stuff; the emulator does the job for you.

It is much similar like the Android emulators for Windows PCs, like Blustacks, which explicitly run the Android applications on your computer. Even in this case, you don’t have to play hard with the technical part. Let’s have our look around some of the iPad or iPhone emulators for PC.

Run iOS Apps on Windows With iOS Emulator/Simulator

With these iOS emulators, you can quickly get all the Apple apps on your Windows machine without any techie steps. Further, if you were an app developer you can test and build them as well.

1. iPadian Emulator 

iPadian is one of the top prioritized iOS emulators for Windows PC. It is one of the software that equipped with iOS 9 as well, so you don’t have to wait till it upgrades. Basically, iPadian emulator comes in the two form; one is a free version, and another one is paid.

With free, version you’ll get all the basic and preliminary elements required to run iOS apps on Windows PC with ads. Moreover, you can’t expect too much. You’ll get the main app store, through which can’t be able to download all apps you were restricted some.

iPadian Emulator

In paid version, you don’t have any restriction; the ads will vanish when you upgrade your license from free to paid. Overall, the paid license costs 10$, which is entirely worth it.

Install iOS Emulator On Windows PC

  1. Download the iPandian emulator.
  2. Open the downloaded EXE file.
  3. Accept and install the software.
  4. Run iPandian from the desktop icon.

2. Smartface

Smartface is one of the best iPhone emulators for Windows computer that is pretty simple yet effective one. If you were an iOS app developer, then this tool comes handy. You can quickly grab your hands on this powerful tool by a single sign up. Moreover, you are left with a broad range of options.

Some of the plugins support the extended smart face apps, and it has java library and much more. You can develop, test and debug iOS apps on Windows PC without any intricate steps.

Download SmartFace

3. Air iPhone Emulator

Air iPhone emulator is a backup software to run iOS apps on PC. Although the iPhone graphical interface makes it pretty, and it is effective as well. You can quickly run all the iOS apps in your Windows, by searching for their names or developers. To run this software, you need to have the Abode Air installed on your computer, and you can get this for free from here.


Once you have installed the Adobe Air framework, you need to download and install the Air iPhone emulator for windows.

Download Air iPhone Emulator

4. iPad Simulator

The iPad simulator is the Google Chrome app; that let you use the Apple iOS remotely without any hassle. If you are a die-hard fan of iMessages, then this extension is something you needed. You can send and receive the messages from your browser itself, further, you can enjoy the voice commands with Siri assistant app.

You can log into your iPad, and enjoy all the features of a real iPad virtually. Siri is one of the best features I like during this iOS emulator usage.

Download iPad Simulator

5. iPhone Simulator

iPhone simulator is one of the beautiful Windows software to have in one’s system. You can easily install and run iOS apps on Windows computer without worry much. It helps you to move the iPhone virtually on your desktop without any infringement mess. Moreover, it is one of the best iOS emulators for Windows Computer PC.

Download iPhone Simulator

Apple iOS is one of the advanced operating systems, if you weren’t an Apple user by default, you need some iOS emulator for Windows computer to test some iOS apps. Now you can run or test even build the apps using iOS simulators.

Moreover, you no need of any Apple iMac or iPhone to make this happen. Using the software that mentioned, you can run iOS apps on Windows PC seamlessly.

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