Hotmail is one of the pioneer free email service providers that jump-started the email arena. It was way back in 1996 when the internet was at its initial stage; the internet users were easily countable. Sabeer Bhatia, the man who co-founded the first web email service, named Hotmail. Later on, a year after this startup launch, Microsft the robust company acquired Hotmail for $500 Million. Which was the biggest acquisition at that time on the internet, during that period Hotmail had 8.5 Million subscribers, and the total internet users weren’t more than 11 Million.


After Microsoft added the Hotmail to its MSN group, and Windows Group, But now it is under Outlook. It was in 2012 when Microsoft decided to switch from the Hotmail to the Outlook; they had transferred over 150 Million GB of data. Even if you send an email to the Hotmail it automatically redirects to the Outlook. Although the Hotmail directs to the Outlook, still users stumble how to create a Hotmail account.

But not every aware of creating a Hotmail account, though it isn’t a rocket science, but not an easy anyway. So we have the step by step guide to creating a Hotmail account. We also shared the guide to on how to create iCloud account, you can check for more info.

Let’s dive in right away!

How To Create A Hotmail Account

Step #1. As part of the first phase, you need to visit this link in your web browser.

Hotmail Sign Up

Step #2. Click on the “create one” below the Sign in button.

Step #3. In this stage, you need to enter the genuine details you might need in future.

Make sure you choose your First and second name (changeable) and take the perfect email name. It is your wish to make a choice between Hotmail or Outlook root domains.Apart from that, make sure you use a secure password, don’t’ use simple passwords chances are high your account would be hacked.

Keep it safe and secure never click any links from the spam folder, and it might contain malware or keylogger which tracks your activity. So play safe! Enter all the other details, make sure you enter the correct phone number and alternate email address which is needed to change the password.

Step #4. Now Click Create Account.

Now your Hotmail email account will be created within minutes. Once that is done, you’ll be redirected to the Outlook inbox where you can manage all your emails. By this way, you can quickly grab your hands on to create a free Hotmail email account.

Email accounts were essential to contact any person on the internet, the potential of the email came to light in the recent times. Hotmail is the first initiative that started the web email service to send or receive emails. So if you were an email freak, you must know how to create a Hotmail account even if it is redirected to the Outlook.

So on behalf of you, we have provided the step by step guide to setup a Hotmail email account with ease way.