Best Online Music Streaming Sites 2016

Music is something that can provide freedom and the quanta of energy for your mighty soul. Irrespective of the genre you were listening, it leads to the stage of satisfaction and relief. Moreover, we make use of our smartphones or any music players to help us. But, we can’t keep all the tracks with ourself it might occupy large space. You need some online music streaming sites right?

Not all the streaming music sites were genuine and trustworthy, and you would end up in landing some spammy websites. So keep that mess away, we have collected some of the top live music streaming websites to keep you up.

Why Do You Need to Stream Online Music?

  • You can stream as many kinds of music as you can.
  • You don’t need to download them to listen.
  • No fear of downloading malware
  • Can hear any music online.
  • Further, you can live stream music as well.

Now you have recognized the importance of music streaming sites; let’s list few of them. But, one thing I need to remind you is, sometimes your ISP or WiFi connection or even country blocks some websites from being visited. Due to some government act, they block the access, so you can’t visit every website.

For them, you can try some of the unblocked free online music sites, or you can install Hola extension. For Google Chrome user click here and Mozilla Firefox user here.

Online Music Streaming Without Downloading

1. Pandora

Pandora is one of the music recommendation radio station that automates your music desire. You can quickly listen to music online without download, with their database of over 1 million songs in all genre. As per your search string and type of songs you look, it fetches the others you might like. Moreover, you need to register an account to enjoy its benefit.


If you create a free account, you can listen to unlimited music with some restriction on the channels you skip. If you upgrade your account, you might have no restriction and enjoy the premium contents as well.

2. Spotify

Spotify is one of the best alternatives to Pandora, and you can discover millions of music files that haven’t found on the internet. They have the incredible collection of songs from all genre, which you can listen online for free. But it isn’t available in some countries; you can use extensions or proxies sites to access to those.


Like all know, they have free and premium plans. With a free account, you can easily listen to unlimited songs or music online without downloading them. But you should have the patience to overcome the ads which appear frequently. In premium membership, you don’t any ads, and you’ll get the elite collections as well.

3. Gaana

Gaana is specially made for the Indians by the India times. You can easily get most of the Hindi, English and other regional music online for free. They have created the wave in the online music streaming sites arena by their app compatibility.


You can download Android or iOS Application as well for streaming free music online.

4. is another online radio station that works similar to Pandora, you can find songs of all genre and artists without any intricate steps. Even you can download them to listen in offline as well. Being the online music streaming sites, you can create and share your radio station will your favorite music.

We can coin it has one of the best sites to listen to music online without downloading them. You must give it a try.

5. GroveShark

Groveshark is one of the unblocked websites to listen to online music. With a single account, you can get access to the unlimited music streaming online without worry much.


Further, they have the excellent collection of music from all over the world so you won’t find any complicated step in getting any foreign music.

6. Jango

Jango is our next website to stream songs online; you don’t need to sign up for an account. Without any account, you can listen to music from the traditional and latest genres. But, for creating your radio channel and exploring your desired songs you need to have an account. You could able to find most of the well-known category songs in the homepage itself. Moreover, the website structure is pretty good so you will not face anything wired.

7. iTunes Radio

iTunes Radio is the well-known radio station of all time; you would hear about this beast service. With this service, you can easily stream songs or Mp3 music online without any hassles. Moreover, you can access iTunes Radio in your iMac and iPhone through their iOS app.

iTunes Radio

As per their terms, with a free account, you can’t get the radio channels or music. Further, you have the restriction of 6 skips per hour for a single radio channel. Anyhow, on the paid version you don’t anything like this.


Digital Imported (aka is another beautiful website to stream free music online. You don’t need an account for listening music if the playlist was a matter of concern then go for it. Free account helps you to get all songs with average quality and limited skips, in premium account, these restrictions get vanished.

9. Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio is another great premium service that allows you get your desired music from their massive collection of 10 million online songs.

Slacker Radio

Best part, you can enjoy most of the features with a free account.

10. ShoutCast

ShoutCast is an international music streaming sites that curate all the radio broadcasting service stations and provide in one place. One of the best site to get all variety of music online.

11. AOL Radio

AOL Radio

Powered by Slacker, AOL Radio is one of the best music streaming sites.

12. Mikes Radio World

Last, but not least.  Mikes Radio World One of the top website to listen any songs or mp3 online.

Listening music online is a hobby, and then you need to know some of the best online music streaming sites to hook up. If you are a newbie, you might not able to come up with a perfect one.

So after a lot of research and study, we have curated this free website to listen to music online without downloading.

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