Best Music Downloaders For Android 2017

Music is something that makes everyone’s mind and soul’s state to remain in peace. It stimulates the hormones and enhances the overall performance of your body. In the current generation, we don’t have to carry the pesky music devices to kill our boredom. Our smartphone let manage them. Since then, the demand for the music increased exponentially.

You can quickly download music of your choice from some of the music downloading apps. They’ll help you to search and save the songs for offline. In most of the cases, it unblocked music and let you save them.

It is damn easy to get songs to your phone, just download the music downloaders and install them on your Android phone. Search for your favorite music, select the songs you want to download, click to save them.

Let’s start.

Best Music Downloaders For Android 2017

1. 4Shared Music

4Shared music is one of the pioneer apps that we recommend for everyone to download free music songs to their smartphones. With over 1 billion active installs 4Shared had established as the best music downloader for android phones.


With its intuitive user interface, quick sign up procedure and reliable options within the app makes it a beast. Best part, they were completely free you don’t have to pay any dime for sign up or downloading songs. You can search for your favorite music by searching for the music or artist name. You’ll see the relevant result, then only two clicks more for downloading. Upon the sign-up, you’ll also get the cloud storage space of 15 GB. Each music you download to your Android phone will be stored to cloud storage. Apart from the app, you can visit the website to get free music downloads for android. Which also one of the free Mp3 downloads sites.

4Shared Music

2. Google Play Music 

Google Play Music is another great music download app that help doesn’t make you regret the installation. It updates free music each day and provides you fresh and untapped music. The user interface is well structured and also comes with the music player as well. You don’t need to install the third party app to play your downloaded music.

Google Play Music

You could also stream music online without downloading them to your mobile. You can search for music with a single search string of the song name or artist involved. You’ll get the songs, from where you can download or stream the music. You’ll find most of the genres and also supports many languages.

Best part, you’ll also get a wish list along with Google Play Music. Where you can save all your favorite music or download them later or stream them online. Need to download Google Play Music, go through the link below.

Google Play Music

3. Music Maniac Pro

Music Maniac is a search engine that curates the music from a different database and provides you to download them. Most of the songs you’ll get would come under the creative common license. So you won’t get any copy infringement issues. Apart from that, the user interface is neat and clean; it won’t be a problem.

You can start searching your favorite music with the search box, using the songs name or any artist. You’ll see the real-time downloading progress in the notification bar of your Android phone. Once the download completes you’ll get all the music in the music maniac folder in your SD card.

Download Music Maniac Pro APK

4. Music Paradise Pro

Music maniac is another great android app to download free music. With tons of free songs in their database, straightforward and efficient UI Music paradise pro remains as the great alternative to the above-mentioned apps. You could able to search songs with advanced filters, best part even you could get ringtones as well. Downloading is available within the few clicks distance.

Music Maniac Downloader

If you weren’t like to download free music for your mobile, you could stream it within this app. You can quickly manage and download the multiple songs at the same time. You can create and manage playlist, add the downloaded songs and listen to them in order. You can also check some of our film streaming sites to stream free movies on your android phone.

Best part, it maintains the history of the streamed music, you that you could download them at any instance. All these features will be completely for free, but for some sort of reason you aren’t able to find Music Paradise in Google Play Store. Follow the link to get it,

Music Paradise Pro

5. Mp3 Music Downloader

Mp3 music downloader is one song search engine that helps you to grab free music for your smartphone. More than a search engine, you can preview the music before downloading. Best part, if you were thought of streaming mp3 music online, you can go with this app.

Straightforward and powerful user interface help you to get most out of this app. Once you have downloaded the music of your choice, you could continue playing with the inbuilt music player. But make sure you refresh the library to get the downloaded music. Best part you don’t get any ads or pop-ups within this android app. So you can download and listen to them in the same app. Interested in Mp3 music downloader get it through the link below.

Mp3 Music Downloader

6. RockMyRun

Are you the one who take great care about your fitness? Then Rock My Run is something special for you. Basically, if you were kind of music listener while workouts, you could make use of this advanced yet best free music downloader for android.


Like all music players, you’ll get hefty free music downloads for android phones. You can search by the title of the song or artist involved. You’ll see the relevant results including the mp3 from a wide array of language. You could create a custom DJ music style for your workout and listen to them.

You can also get the ready made DJ mixes and another workout album to enhance your productivity in GYM or workout. Overall, worth for trying the Android app.



Wrapping up the Free Music Downloaders For Android 2017,

Music is something that we can’t leave without, suppose if you were a smartphone user, you might like to remain listening to your desired songs in your mobile. So you need to have some of the best music downloaders to accomplish your songs needs. If you were looking for free music downloads for android phone? Then this guide comes handy to rescue you.

So we have shared some magnificent yet best mp3 music downloaders for Android to get your desired music to offline.


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