Facebook Search For People Without Logging In ( 3 Methods )

Facebook search for people without logging in is something that would pique Facebook users. They do look for the best ways to find people on Facebook by name and city. So on the readers demand, we on the Tech Treak updating the best way to perform the Facebook search for people without logging in to your account.

Facebook Search For People Without Logging In

Facebook, the real master and one of the gold mine to find the people or friends you may know. The expansion of the Facebook gone beyond our expectation, its churning over 1.5 billion monthly users. Which makes it seamless to outperform other social networking sites.

One in every seven individual is user of Facebook, which is of the great mile stone. As an impact most of the peoples are started using Facebook without revealing their real identity. So if you are looking for them, it might be little difficult to find them.

Find some on facebook without logging in

Facebook Search for people Without Logging in

When it comes for Facebook, finding for people’s is obvious. You’ll try to find the easiest method to find people on Facebook by name or city they are from, it seems to easy from the outer surface, but isn’t like that. You need to know some tricks to get your work finished. If you think logging into your Facebook account and finding the people may intricate method, we have over different methods to Facebook search for people without logging in.

How To Find Someone On Facebook Without Logging in To Your Account

We’ve over  3 different ways to find peoples by name or city without logging to your Facebook account. Do check them all. Let us explore these ease methods to find people on Facebook without being online!

Let’s dive in!

#1. Google search is more than enough to find people on Facebook

Google is the name itself resonates with the Search!

Finding someone on Facebook will be breeze you are smart enough to play with Google. One thing that would I’ll like to tell you is, Facebook indexes all the active profile in the Google, which makes it easy to find with search.

It is simple, all you need to know is some small search operator signs and its applications to get started. To do that just follow below mentioned guidelines,

Step #1. First head over to Google.com

Step #2. You need to type Site:Facebook.com + User Name

facebook search for people without logging in

To Find Someone On Facebook Without Logging in

With this operator, Google will show results from Facebook only on the SERPs. Make sure you enter the correct user name including first name and last name to get results.

That’s it, now you can see the profile without hassle free steps. With this method, you don’t need to have the Facebook account too. Let us move to the next method.


#2.  Facebook might be your savior to find people without logging in!

Being the largest social networking site, Facebook made things more precise to connect with each other. If you are looking for someone on Facebook, you can easily get them without hanging with any company.

This method holds good if the person you are looking is quite popular, and have the nice followers count. If you are looking to find people on Facebook without logging in, it might be little difficult. Though you can get them anyhow, by adding the appropriate filters like Age, Qualification and other details. But, it will another great way to find any people on Facebook without logging to your account.

To do that, point your browser here and do search with your desired user name, if essential add filters to get accurate results.


#3. Facebook directory would help you to search friends

Facebook directory is another way to go option to Facebook search for people without logging in. You may not only able to find the profiles but also you can get the Brand pages, Groups and much more.

One thing that would hurt is, you can’t find all peoples profile using this method. Your rights are restricted to certain extension, so better you search for popular brand or profiles for positive results. Click here to visit Facebook directory, and start searching for your friends or any one with their user names.

It will show all the results, which are same at the machine level. The results aren’t of perfect, but still it does the job pretty well.


It time to Sign off,

Facebook is something of magical land, which might fascinate everyone towards itself. Most of the Facebook user profiles aren’t public, they are not willing to reveal their profiles. So being tech geek, we need to reverse engineer to get them.

Facebook search for people without logging in is something most overlooked, with the methods I’ve mentioned above you can easily get most of the Facebook users profile without any intricate techie stuff.

If this article helped you to find someone on Facebook without logging in, then do share with your friends and relatives so that let them find others!

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