Convert Torrent To IDM For Direct Downloading

The days had gone, you would take your storage devices to your friends or neighbours house to copy the data. Nowadays, everyone started their internet journey independently. If you were this stuff, I’m pretty much confident you must be aware of torrents. It is the ultimate source to download anything out there on the web.

If you are a regular user, you might know how pathetic it to download torrent files. The speed just sucks, it not even outperform the snail’s pace. No matter whether you have a high-speed internet connection or not, when it comes to torrent downloading it transforms into tortoise pace. Further, you need to any torrenting VPN tool to ramp up your download speed.

As you all know, Internet Download Manager – IDM downloads the files faster. Have you ever thought, you can download torrents via IDM? It isn’t a rocket science; you can easily get torrent to IDM with few sites that I’d mentioned below.

What is a Torrent?Torrent file

Torrent is a file with the .torrent extension that contains all the tracker and peer information regarding the file you want to download. This file can be open using the torrent client like uTorrent or BiTorrent.

Once the you had loaded, the client discovers the peers and connect to it remotely. Once the connection was established, your data starts downloading. To get the torrent files, you need to know some torrent sites through which you can get most of the files.

Why do you need the torrent to direct link?

  • The downloading speed is relatively low.
  • You can’t download files with less or no peers or leechers.
  • Chances are high; you could download suspicious files.
  • If the remote peer vanishes, you need to download from beginning.
  • It is unethical to download torrents in some countries.
  • It will help you, if your state blocked torrents.

Download Torrent Files With IDM

1. Zbigz

Zbigz is the way to go solution to download torrents using internet download manager. More than an online torrent to IDM converter site, you can even store all your private files, videos, images in the cloud. Even if you ISP made the restriction the access for specific contents, you could unblock those.


Best part, you can stream online movies or any videos without downloading them, if the music present in your cloud storage. Apart from that, they were safe and secure to log on. With a free account, you can download files up to 1 GB. Suppose, you want to send torrent to IDM more than 1 GB you need to register for the premium account.

Converting Torrents To IDM Link Using Zbigz

  1. Visit
  2. Register for an account.
  3. Upload your torrent file.
  4. Wait for a while till it caches.
  5. Click on the download link.

2. PutDrive

PutDrive is another dedicated cloud downloader that fetches the content from over 85+ file hosters including YouTube , Usenet, etc. Their account holds data up to 10GB, which is greater than Zbigz. You can download torrent files via IDM more than 1 GB. Furthermore, you can make of that space to store all your favourite movies, videos for remote access.


Best part they are anonymous, you can download any files without revealing your identity. You don’t need to change or use any proxy sites. Apart from downloading the stuff, you can even convert them to any format in the cloud as well. The method of getting torrent to IDM is same as Zbigz, so you can replicate that step here.

Visit PutDrive

3. ByteBX

ByteBX is online cloud storage with decent bandwidth for an free accounts. You’ll get 2.5 GB of free space upon your sign up, you can use to store your torrent files, private videos, movies, and pictures. Apart from downloading, you can stream music or movies of your cloud storage without downloading them.


You can access the ByteBX from any platform, they have the structure that fits to any resolution. So the compatibility won’t be of a problem. You can upload your cloud files to another server or BitTorrent network without downloading them to your computer.

Visit ByteBX

4. Torrent Handler

Torrent Handler is professional online torrent to IDM converter site that change the way you work around torrents. With its simple features, you can directly upload your .torrent files or magnetic URL to your account. Upon the caching, you’ll get the mail in which you had created the account, regarding how to download those file. You can also check some movie download websites to get movies without torrent use.

Torrent Handler

The caching is quite faster, since they have many servers cluster in many countries. The downloading connection between the torrent Handler and your IDM is HTTP, so your speed won’t be capped. With created account, you don’t want to be online all time to download the files.

Visit Torrent Handler

5. FileStream

Filestream is a feature rich website to download torrent files using IDM. Their cloud storage is pretty faster and private as well. Secure encryption is enabled for your individual files from being misused. You can access your cloud with multi-streaming or downloading simultaneously.


They download the files for you and provide you the link to download it anonymously. Apart from that, the server speed is great you’ll be amazed. They even have the android and iOS apps for your convenience.

Visit FileStream

Other Online Torrent To IDM Converter Sites

If you were a torrent freak, you need to have the faster access to get more files at a minimum time. If you still rely on the uTorrent and others, you might no able to grab more data. So you need to get the torrent to direct link, although it sounds intricate it isn’t.

It is simple to send torrent to IDM, all you need is some bunch of best websites to do the job. Through which you can quickly download torrent files using Internet Download Manager (IDM).

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