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Best Free Email Service Providers Online 2016

Top free email providers are in the race; you need to pick them as per your needs. You need to choose the best email service company that make your work lot easier. As a result, we are decided to share some of the best email service providers list 2016.

Top Free Email Providers 2016 List

Communication is something that got a radical change in past decades. Now with the advanced technology, we could send or receive the messages to any part of the globe. The new inventions were empowering the current model and rehashing it to a new extent. If you were a type of Internet freak, you must have at least one email account to work on.

Email is something predominantly essential to have like your phone number or any residential address to contact. If you visit any corner of the web, if you need to do anything in an authentic way, you must hand over the genuine email address to get back to you. Furthermore, the email got a new dimension after the introduction of the new term Email Marketing which added the new value to an email address.


Free Email Service Providers

Best Free Email Service Providers

If you were an email holder, chances are high you might have that in Gmail platform. Even though Gmail dominating the web, there are still more areas to explore. Apart from Gmail, there are many free email providers services are established with a significant number of audience as well. Let’s explore some of the best email services here.

Before we move on, let’s define some of the basic terms so that you get to know.

What is an Email?

Email is nothing but the message that is distributed from one computer user to other or a group of the user through the internet constitute an email. Email or Electronic Mail was first sent in late 1971 by a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson. There is no doubt, and he is the father of email.

Now email is more than a means of communication; it had grown exponentially beyond our expectations. Moreover, the way it works even changed from past few years, and it is constantly changing.

Best Email Service Providers You Should Know

Email services were tremendous, but we can’t accept all them in a blast. So we had listed some free email providers who were renowned tech companies. Let’s start.

Top Best Email Service Providers 2016:

  • Gmail
  • Outlook
  • Yahoo
  • Zoho Mail
  • Yandex
  • iCloud Mail
  • Hushmail
  • AOL Mail
  • My Way Mail

Let us see how they were different from each other, let’s dive in right away!

#1. Gmail 

With over a billion registered users, Gmail needs no introduction, with its unparalleled support from the world’s most prestigious company; Google. It fits perfect in most of the instance, with one Gmail account you can sync data to any product or service offered by Google. As part of the email hosting, it provides 15 GB of free storage to keep your emails. You can upgrade for more with paid accounts; you can compare the plans here.

Best Free Email Providers

When it comes to the productivity, it has hefty of features, with one account you can manage your documents in the Google Docs, store files in the Drive, watch free videos on YouTube, start using Bloggers, send or receive money through Google Wallet and the list goes on. More than a free email service, Gmail grew beyond what if had planned for. It supports web version, and you can access your account in any internet web browser irrespective of the platform.

You can access your account on your Android or iOS devices, apart from that platform, you need to opt for the web access as they don’t have an app built for. With advanced spam filtering, deletion of the spam emails after 30 days and others were worth mentioning features of Gmail.

You can register your custom business email from this email provider, the prices starting from 5$ per month for one user.

Visit Gmail

#2. Outlook

Outlook is another cloud-based email client shed under the roof of Microsoft Inc. Formerly called Hotmail, later on, they merged up the Hotmail and Outlook way back in 2012. Since then, whatever email to the Hotmail automatically redirects to the Outlook. Even now, you can select between Hotmail or Outlook root domains for an email address. You can quickly create a Hotmail email account and explore the settings.

Clutter-free user interface and simple options make it extremely vulnerable to the newbies. As part of the email hosting, you’ll get maximum 5 GB of cloud storage. You can sync and use all the Microsoft products like Skype, One Drive, calendar and even you can use Outlook account to log into your Windows account. If you have Windows 8 and later version, you can do.

Apart from that, it has all the necessary options like spam filtering and deletion, blocking particular address and delete the emails before it reaches and custom email address also available. The business email is starting from 4$, which lesser a dollar lower than Gmail for a month.

Visit Outlook

#3. Yahoo

Yahoo stands next to Gmail and Outlook in the game, with its 1 TB storage space it has surpassed the other free email providers. It is one of the pioneer services to start the email service, as a result till now it has reached over 0.4 Billion users. Even they have extended the maximum upload limit of the email attachment to 100 MB, whereas you’ll get only 25 MB in both Gmail and Outlook.

Best Free Email Service Providers

Easy integration with calendar, Flickr and Yahoo messenger you won’t face like any missing. With Flickr, you can get tons of stock photos for free. Apart from that, the user-interface is somewhat resonating with Outlook. You can personalize with your desired themes. Furthermore, relevant email formats like IMAP and POP were supported as a bonus. You can add the custom email address to your business for better reach.

Spam email filtering and deletion and some other sort of features help you out. If you weren’t using your Yahoo account for over a period of six months, it would be terminated after the warning before two months of deletion. You can access your inbox from web or Android or iOS apps. You can follow this guide to create an Yahoo Email account instantly.

Visit Yahoo Mail

#4. Zoho Mail

Zoho is feature-rich free email service provider comes to lots of freebies. With this vendor, you can quickly hit your email address with 5 GB storage and 1 GB for documents. There weren’t hotchpotch options that play hard with your brain capacity; you can quickly setup your email within minutes. You can make Zoho as your way to go solution as a free email service provider for both personal and business affairs.

You need to have a registered domain for email creation, or you can go with free as well. Best part, they offer the free .in or domains for Indian native users. If you were an Indian, you could grab a free domain by submitting your PAN details. As a consequence, the popularity grew to a great extent. Apart from that, you can experience the Ad-free feature that is mind blowing.

You can access your email inbox anytime with your browser or Android or iOS apps.

Visit Zoho

#5. Yandex Mail

Yandex is another great email service provider from the USSR. With a clutter-free user interface and manageable options, you can access your inbox within minutes. Though the HTTPS certificate installed on their website, to protect from the spam attack, they tie up with Dr, Web antivirus to safe and protect Yandex mail. Best part is you don’t have to use the mobile number to register your email account, without any numbers you can create your email account within minutes.

Since then, the security bugs and loopholes got vanished. Apart from the email service, they have a powerful search engine to crawl the web within minutes.

Visit Yandex

#6. iCloud

iCloud is a service rendered by the Apple Inc to its users to keep them synced anytime. If you were an iDevice user, you must worry about the storage space, so they have taken a step forward to help their users. It offers you  GB of free cloud storage along with an email address using @cloud root domain. As a default, you can send or receive the attachment size limit of 20 Mb other things were common.

Free email services 2016

You can access iCloud with the web, iOS, and Windows by downloading their client right into your desktop. Although you need to have the Apple ID to create an iCloud email account, if you have one you may proceed to create an iCloud account and set up the cloud sync feature. With iCloud, IMAP is supported, but unfortunately, POP is not supported. Another thing is you can’t categorize your email inbox like Gmail and Yahoo have.

Even you can use the iCloud to lock your iPhone when it lost or reached the third party access, later you can easily bypass the iCloud email account log in screen.

Visit iCloud

#7. Mail

Mail is a Germany-based free email service provider with some unique features. You will get the unlimited space for hosting your emails, and also get the 2 GB free storage to save your files in the cloud. Although the interface is simple, so you can’t expect too much. But overall you can explore without thinking twice. But we they reserve the right to delete email accounts.

One thing I liked with Mail is, you can choose alias extension for your email ID. Which is that no other email services provide you. You can choose @teacher, @techie @insurer and many more domains out there. You don’t need to to visit separate inbox or dashboard to manage those domains; you can manage right into a single inbox. You’ll also get the organizer which is very useful to manage events and organize them in your dashboard.

Visit Mail

#8. AOL Mail

America Online (AOL) is one of the initiatives that made a name, and their email service wasn’t familiar but worth for trying. Unlimited email storage, advanced spam filter, blacklist IP and other essential features were provided along. Relevant email formats like SMPT, POP3, and IMAP, were supported with the AOL mail.

Email Service providers

With this account, you’ll also get the AOL Instant Messenger, which is quite a familiar way back, but Skype and Facebook messenger replaced that spot. Text messaging, the choice for domain extension, security makes it reliable and best email service provider online.

Visit AOL Mail

Bonus: Other Free Email Service Providers

#9. My Way Mail

With My Way Mail, you’ll get 125 MB free storage and 10 MB attachment size. Apart from that, you’ll get spam filtering, and switchable fonts feature as well. You can’t expect too much with these free email providers.

Visit My Way Mail

#10. Hushmail

Hushmail is another startup that is raised with the powerful security and encryption. They have multiple security levels to lower the chances of hacking or leaking of information. You can even they have the two-step verification as well.

Visit HushMail

#11. GMX Email

GMX is the Germany-based startup, provides you unlimited storage space to host your emails with secured access. They were easy to use with any of your devices, apart from that, they don’t have the HTTPS installed it makes it quite open for attacking.

Visit GMX Mail


Wrapping it up,

Email is something essential to have; you shouldn’t only rely on a single email service provider you should explore. We have curated this list of free email providers. You can create your email address and host your emails without paying any dime. Better you create a perfect email account as per your requirement using these best email service providers 2016.

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Top Best VPN For Torrenting (Paid + Free VPN Services)

Selecting the Best VPN for torrenting ( P2P File Sharing ) is a daunting task. If you are puzzled in picking the best VPN service for torrent download, then this guide comes handy. Let’s see how you could get most out of these Virtual Private networks.

Best VPN Service For Torrenting ( P2P VPN )

Torrents are next big thing you need to worry about since the speed of the torrent downloading almost parallel to the snail’s pace. If you are a victim of the slow internet speed, why not to try the private internet access.

Among the various services, Virtual Private Network remains as predominant to keep up your internet speed and anonymous. If you were a hard-core torrent addict, then you need to have the best VPN services for torrenting to keep up he optimum speed. Make sure you have the best torrenting client or software before you move on.

The Pirate Bay

Read: Best Torrenting Sites 2016

If you are hunting for the VPN services, you might come up with a huge list. So we have compressed that list and listed some of the best p2p VPN for torrenting 2016.

Why do you need VPN for Downloading Torrents?

  • If you the owner of the torrent file tracking the downloading user, you can’t be encountered. Since you were using the Virtual Private Network’s IP.
  • Speed up downloading speed of torrent files might increase.
  • If you can’t even be tracked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)

Moreover, using the VPN for torrent downloading is the ideal choice to come up with.

Best VPN For Torrenting 2016 (Paid + Free Services)

It’s the time to reveal some of the raw VPN services that would fire up your overall torrenting activity. Here we go…

#1. IPvanish – Affordable P2P VPN For Torrenting

IP Vanish is the encrypted VPN service that supports P2P (Peer to Peer) connection as well. Since they have their servers in 60+ countries, you’ll get the faster and reliable internet tunneling. One thing I liked is, you can handle simultaneously two connections with your ISP. Check our post to download torrents via IDM.

  • Encrypted network (256 bit)
  • P2P file sharing feature.
  • No logs.
  • You can unblock other websites as well.
  • Shared IP
  • Compatible with Windows, Mac, Blackberry and Android.

Check IPVanish

#2. Express VPN – P2P File Sharing 

ExpressVPN is value for money VPN for torrenting which protects your identity. ExpressVPN comes with the high price range, but you can do many things. They support both Windows and Mac machines without any error. Best part, their servers in over 78+ countries which make it seamless and high-speed connection. You can manage up to three simultaneous connections without interruption.

  • No logs.
  • Three connections
  • optimized speed
  • servers were established in 78+ countries.
  • Android and Apple apps were supported.

Check Express VPN

#3. Nord VPN – Private Internet Access For Torrenting

NordVPN is another great player in the Torrenting VPN race. You might consider this as the way to go option as well for private internet access torrents. Moreover, they have the elite servers across many nations that were equipped for faster data transfer and bandwidth. You can quickly unblock all the ISP or Geographical restriction without banging your head. One of the best VPNs for torrenting.

  • No logs
  • Managed servers
  • p2P file sharing enabled
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Good customer care
  • Secure encryption

Check NordVPN

#4. Pure VPN

Pure VPN is yet one of the trusted and good P2P File sharing VPN that resonates with quality. They have over 150+ servers across many countries that were optimized for speed and consistency. Moreover, you can switch for the full servers that are faster. You’ll experience the high-speed data transfer without disconnection issues.

  • Strong encryption
  • Supports multiple platforms.
  • Optimized servers for selected countries.
  • P2P protocol supported,
  • infinite server switching

Check PureVPN

#5. VPN Area – Best VPN Service For Torrent Download

VPN area is a rising star in the Private Internet access arena, and you’ll get the high-speed internet access without worry about the servers. Although they were new to the industry, they managed to establish the servers in most of the places. Best part they have the seven days free trial option, you can go ahead and try it out. They even have the many devices supports, like Android, iPhone and other gadgets by incorporating five simultaneous connections.

  • Up to 5 real-time connections.
  • Supports multiple device platforms
  • One of the best P2P VPN
  • No log usage

Check VPN Arena

#6. HideIPVPN

HideIPVPN is the unlimited bandwidth torrenting and file sharing VPN. They have the high-speed elite eight premium servers across two countries. You can connect and enjoy the high-speed data transfer without worry much. They would have the good live and technical support as well if you weren’t a technical guy they will assist you to set up. You can also tunnel with DNS servers, and they have that as well.

  • No logs.
  • Excellent technical support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Supports Mac, Windows, Android and Linux.
  • Best VPN for Torrenting as per my experience.

Check HideIP VPN

#7. AirVPN – Best VPN For Torrenting

It is an Italia based best VPN for Torrent downloads, and you’ll be amazed by its speed and relevancy. They use the ultra-secure encryption that prevents from being hacked or sued. You’ll get the dedicated IPs and real-time statistics that help you to recognize your usage. You need to connect your Virtual Private Network connection through the Remote Port Forwarding (RPD).

  • Real-time stats
  • No logs
  • Torrenting supported.
  • Reliable connection and speed

Check AirVPN 

#8. PD-Proxy Tunneling – Best BitTorrent VPN

PD-Proxy is one of the VPN to secure your internet access, and they do have the three protocols UDP, TCP and ICMP. Moreover, you can connect to any desired port on your network to access the internet.Further, with a free account you get the 100 MB data usage per day. But you can’t download torrent files, with a premium account you get the unlimited bandwidth and torrent support. One of the best Bittorrent VPN.

Download PD-Proxy

Wrapping it up,

Torrenting is essential to keep up your software, Games and movies needs. It is better to be anonymous while downloading torrent files, so you need to the best VPN services for torrenting. Here we have listed some of them. While using these services you can’t be traced from the uploader and ISP as well.

So better use these best VPN for torrenting to be one safer side. So that you’ll get faster downloading and high security simultaneously.

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