How To Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in iPhone or iPad

Are you looking to bypass iCloud activation lock in iPhone or iPad? Worry not, you have landed on the right page. Here we’ll let you know some of the working methods to bypass Apple iCloud lock screen.

Bypass iCloud Activation 

Apple iPhone were the beast devices on the planet, no matter how the price rise high, people were craving for those devices. It is not only a consideration of the status of owning an iPhone, but it is way beyond that thought. The amount of feature Apple provides, the design, crystal clear display everything matters in iPhone.

If you had an Apple device, you might know the iCloud; A online destination to store and sync your records. You need to create an iCloud account to get benefited. Sometimes, if you lost your phone, you can activate the lost my phone feature and lock or even erase the iPhone remotely. Unfortunately, the thieves or who took your phone, won’t get the access to your personal files or anything. You can put your iPhone into a lost mode so that the person who took see the message you’d set, i.e., your number for contacting.

Bypass iCloud Activation

Bypass iCloud Activation

If you’d locked your device and God grace you got the phone back, a win-win situation, right? So you need to know the appropriate things to bypass iCloud activation. If your iPhone has iOS 7 or later, you can try this method.

Word of Warning: This is only for the educational purpose, you shouldn’t use it for any unethical or unauthorized activities. The admin of this blog is nowhere responsible if this is used in an illegal way.

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How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock in iPhone or iPad

We have the distinct solution for the Activate iPhone screen. Follow this according to your device or iOS version.

Let’s see the step by step guide to get rid of this iCloud lock screen quickly.

Let’s dive in!

Solution #1. Bypass iCloud Activation on iPhone or iPad (Temporary)

If you were on the activate iPhone screen, just follow my commands to get rid of that. Make sure you have connected to the WiFi before, you proceed with this method.

Step #1. Press home button

Step #2. Click WiFi settings.

Step #3. Tap “i” next to WiFi settings.

Step #4. Remove the DNS and enter

Step #5. Click on back.

Step #6. Tap on done.

Now you’ll see all the options, you can now use your iPhone without any hassle. But make do remember, it is a temporary solution. If you need something eternal you can go with next methods. Once you have done that part, you can check our post MovieBox for Apple iPhone.

Solution #2. Get Rid Of iCloud Activation Screen (Permanent)

With this solution you can permanently block the activation screen. For this remove your SIM card and restart your iPhone. Then choose your default language and country. Once you are on the activation screen follow the below commands.

Step #1. Tap Home button and click WiFi settings.

Step #2. Click “i” in top corner.

Step #3. Switch DNS to

Step #4. Then click back and done.

Step #5. Tap Activation help and Menu.

Step #6. Scroll and click Applications then Crash.

Step #7. Upon restart, select language then tap “i”.

Step #8. Scroll and select Manual in HTTP proxy.

Step #9. Tap Globe icon.

Step #10. Type 15-20 characters enter port 8888.

Step #11. Tap Back >> Next. Upon Apple Logo keep sliding.

Once you kept sliding, eventually you’ll see the iPhone menu. Then you can use your Apple iPhone without any activation screen error. This is a permanent method to bypass iCloud activation in your Apple iPhone or iPad. Check our recent post to run Apple iOS apps on windows.

Wrapping it up,

iPhones were something beast devices, and it is better to enable the remote lock if you lost them. What if you got the phone and the lock remains activated? A frustrating moment right?

So you need to bypass the iCloud activation lock to use your iPhone. More many of the newbies, it would be a rocket science. So we shared this tutorial to keep you guys. Through this guide, you can quickly get to know the procedure behind How to bypass iCloud activation in iPhone or iPad.

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