Best Text Messaging Apps For Android 2017

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger may have been ruling the market of texting applications for Android, but not everyone uses them for sending messages. The real old school SMS is still in use by a large number of Android users and has evolved into a much modern avatar. If you have any best or good morning wishes or SMS, you can make use of these applications.

We have gathered a list of the best applications to communicate via text messages in a refreshing manner and utilize your unlimited messaging service provided by your telecom operator.

Best Text Messaging Apps For Android 2017

1. GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro is amongst the most popular texting applications used by SMS enthusiasts. Loaded with super cool features like delayed SMS sending option, SMS blocking and Dual-sim support makes texting really fun and effortless. It also features a Privacy Box through which you can send secret, private and encrypted messages.

Go pro SMS

Along with these smart features, it also hosts basic stuff like stickers and emoji. Although it is bit heavy in size but it is free to download which makes it so popular amongst Android users.


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2. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS was amongst the first popular messaging android application and users went gaga over it. It is heavy in size but provides the user’s access to many great features like SMS backup, emoji along with hundreds of themes and a privacy box for private messages.


Handcent Anywhere is a great feature that provides the user access to this messenger from different devices like a tablet or on their personal computers. Packed with tons of features to make your texting experience fun yet it comes for free.



QKSMS is an SMS app which gained popularity recently when Material Design apps were scarce to find. It is developed strictly according to the Android Design guidelines so you can get to the interface very easily. It offers some features like night mode theme along with other themes, group messaging, floating notification, MMS and a search option.


This SMS app is free to download with protection from Stagefright bug that has been causing trouble.



One of the latest entry amongst SMS texting apps and gaining popularity for all the right reasons. It offers a buffet of great features like group chat, MMS support and scheduled message sending options. The premium paid version also has options of SMS blacklisting, auto-forwarding, and auto-responder.


It also has a facility to restore your settings and adapt accordingly into a new device. Built with sophisticated yet attractive Material Design, it also has chat heads similar to that of Facebook Messenger.


5. Signal Private Messenger

If security is your priority, then Signal Private Messenger is the best SMS application built for your needs. It is so strict in maintaining privacy that it does not even permit screen-shots.

Signal Private Messenger

It uses end-to-end encryption protocols to ensure security as soon as you register your number. It is also known as TextSecure and provides the safe transition of messages and attachments even through NSA’s intervention. Hence this is the best SMS app for the safety freak.


6. HoverChat

HoverChat is a super stylish text messaging app for people who like to multitask on their phones. This application was earlier known as Ninja SMS. Most of the SMS apps use up the entire screen when you chat but unlike others, HoverChat has a pop-up window which encourages you to reply without interrupting or distracting you from other tasks.


Along with essential features like emoji, anti-NSA message encryption It has multiple floating windows that you can drag and drop anywhere, and it also supports full-screen interface preferred by old-school users.


7. MySMS

MySMS is the perfect text messaging application for the users who depend on multiple devices to communicate. It can be operated using Mac, Windows, various web browsers and also the Android which enables its users to post and receive messages from computers or Mac after syncing it with their phone numbers.


It also comes preloaded with super cool features like MMS, SMS export, message scheduling and creating backups. Usually, the add-on features require a premium membership subscription fee, but it’s affordable as you could connect your text messenger with Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Drive.


8. Google Messenger

Google Messenger is an essential text messaging application developed by Google for Androids; it nails the essentials of what it is meant for.

Google Messenger

This is a refined version of Google Hangouts and has a very simple yet sophisticated interface which makes SMS texting very simple and comfortable.

It does have cool features like attaching photos, videos or sound clippings. In fact, it has an eye soothing interface and great features for the next generation SMS addicts.


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If you have any other text messaging apps for Android, do let me know in the comment section below.

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