Best Tamil MP3 Songs Download Websites 2016 (New Releases)


Entertainment is something running endlessly with everyone’s time. You were preparing yourself to run parallel to those pesky race. In that race, movie songs were something that doesn’t need any introduction. Music is a most familiar way to kill your free time in an authentic way. If you were from the India, your mother tongue might be different. It may Hindi, Marathi or even Tamil.

No matter which language you were belongs to, and you must have the substantial collection of mp3 songs to help you along. Suppose if you were a Tamilian, you need to have some of the Tamil music songs on your device to listen. But in the ocean of websites, you’ll be lost yourself, if you search for Tamil mp3 songs download.

To lift you up, we have been taken a step forward. We’ll list some of the best websites to download new Tamil movie songs. You can also check out some of the free mp3 songs download sites to get your favorite songs in general.

Tamil Mp3 Songs Free Download New Releases

We have listed some of the top best websites to download free Tamil mp3 songs. You can explore the hero, heroin or singers categories. Vijay, Surya, Rajini Kanth, Shiva Karthikeyan were the trending actors occupying the Tamil industry. You can download those new songs upon the audio release. If you want to download movies, you can check some of the free Tamil movie download sites.

Let’s dive in!


Tamil Tunes is one of pioneer website that we’ll recommend downloading free Tamil songs. They were keep adding the new songs upon the music release officially, so they remain long. As per my knowledge, they weren’t uploaded any pirated or infected files. You could crawl the directory the Tamil movies from A-Z. Even they have the other collection as well like Tamil devotional, old songs, Hit songs and special categories. The songs quality is high, with crystal clear tone. You can also stream free Tamil mp3 songs online through this website.

Apart from that, the pop-up ad is quite annoying; then everything is fine. You could even download Tamil remix songs, ultimately the downloading servers were faster and had high uptime.


It yet another great website that doesn’t need any introduction. They were updating many times within a single day; They collect the Tamil mp3 songs or videos officially like Tamil tunes, so they remain long. You can get new and old Tamil songs with high quality. The website has less number of ads, and the performance is high. But, unfortunately, the downloading doesn’t support resume by default. You can install some free mp3 songs downloaders for the smartphone to get your music from mobile itself.

Since it is the Tamil songs download website, it wasn’t considered as a matter od concern. You can get music directors hits like Ilayaraja, A.R. Rahman, Deva, Yuvan Shankar, Bharathwaj. Apart from that, the website is a best online destination to get your music songs downloaded.


It deserves the title isaithenral (music breeze), which is the way-to-go solution to tackle your needs. They have the navigation bar in Tamil, which makes it easy to use for Tamilians. As usual, you’ll get most of the Tamil movie songs to download for free. Apart from that, you’ll also get Music review, movie rating, Tamil cinema news and many other things out there. You could also check some of the unblocked music songs websites for seamless browsing.

You can not only get music but also you can download videos and movies as well. Other than Tamil film mp3 songs, you can also see the Hindi songs as well. Tamil jokes or dialogue ringtones is available for your smartphones. Well, structured websites make it easy to explore, this site quantifies for that.


It is an yet trustworthy website to download free Tamil mp3 songs online. They have the large database with Tamil songs from the period of M.G.Ramachandran (aka MGR) and Shivaji. it makes it one of the top place to download Tamil old songs. Furthermore, it wasn’t behind in the new movie songs, you could get the music on audio release. They have the good collection of devotional and video songs to accompany you. You check some of the free websites to stream movies online without downloading.


Formerly known as isaitamil, now it redirects to this website. But this website hardly get updated, but you could download old songs for sure.

6. Torrents

Torrents were the collection of websites interconnected each other, you can download Tamil movie songs, movies and HD videos. With some of the free torrent websites, you could download many songs within the some clients. Further, if you don’t like to download Tamil music songs from clients like uTorrent, you can also download torrents via IDM.

Tamil songs were breath for many of the die-hard fans. They keep waiting for the new movie audio release and look to download free Tamil mp3 songs online. But every website is genuine and provide you the feasible downloading option, so we have decided to list some of the best websites for Tamil songs free download. Let me know any website which I left in the comment section below.

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