Free Movie Apps For Android 2016

The advent of the Android smartphone made the radical change in the entertainment sector. It was way back, when you are facing boredom, move on to a theater to watch movies. But, those days were gone. Now you no need of visiting the nearby film theater, because you have got an Android smartphone.

Android is the most advanced mobile operating system that emerged back in 2007. Since then, the users count increased dramatically. You could get tons of apps and games through the marketplace called Google Play Store. Moreover, Android phone help you to kill your leisure time in any instance. If you weren’t a kid to play Games with your Android, then why not to watch free movies on android? If you don’t want to stream movies, you could easily get them through the best websites to download free movies online.

If you have the internet connection or connected to the WiFi network, grab your hands on some best movie apps for android to stream or even download the film to your phone. By doing so, you could devastate the leisure time without banging your head.

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Free Movie Apps For Android 2016

1. ShowBox

Showbox is the way to go solution for streaming free movies on your Android phone. Best part ShowBox is completely a free app through which you can streaming TV shows, reality Shows, and other serials as well. Apart from that fact, it gathers the movies from various source and let you watch on your device. You check some of the free mp3 download websites from that posts.


It is a user-friendly app; you can use on your Android phone and computer with an Android emulator. By the way, it has the huge collection movies in High Definition format as well. Almost it is an ad-free service, but you can see some ads while playing the movies. It is a trusted app, by winning the million hearts.

Download ShowBox

2. ViewSter

Viewster is one of the best free online movie streaming websites. You could watch any films online on their site, so they took a step further and launched their official app as well. It has a good user-interface which works extremely well on both smartphones and tablets. They have an arrangement of movies according to the category, although there look pretty.


It makes the watching video environment pleasing, and they have standard playback options. Apart from films, even you could hook yourself with some TV shows available to watch. This app automatically fetches your account details for sign up; upon that you are ready to go.

Download ViewSter

3. Crackle 

Crackle is another legitimate Android app to stream free movies, television shows, and other reality plays. The user-interface is quite appealing and straightforward to use as well. You can watch anything out there for free, but none of them were high-quality or HD, all were in the default format. It makes it somewhat more downwards, apart from this you can all the features of the traditional free movie apps.


You can discover the featured videos on the home screen of the app. Furthermore, you can navigate to your favorite movies or tv shows. You can even create your playlist named watchlist, and start adding the movies you liked. They don’t provide you each and every movie, but for free they were doing their job pretty impressive.

Download Crackle

4. Flipps HD

With over 10 million active installs, Flipps is one among the eminent players in the Android apps arena. With its free version, you could be able to stream movies on your Android phone and enjoy its unparallel features. If you could able to upgrade to premium, you can watch extra channels, enjoy the stable streaming and much more. For most of the users, the free version does the job well.


If you’d a smart TV, then relax, you can able to control your TV volume, channels within your mobile phone. This is one of the best feature available within this app. You can watch high-quality movies up to 1080p on your smartphone. Moreover, your device must have the tendency to play those. You cab browse over 80+ channels and watch movies as much as you can.It had surpassed the other movie streaming apps with its robust features.

Download Flipps

5. Hubi

Hubi is one of the intermediate apps to download movies or tv shows on your Android phones. This app collects the films, viral videos, television shows, and other stuff out from the big websites and provides you to download them. You can stream the movies, add them to watch later or even you can able to download them to your phone.


Since the user-interface isn’t clumpy, you could easily navigate to your desired destination with its tabbed browsing. Other than that, but some filthy remarks are arising against this app. But I haven’t noted anyone, overall a way to go solution to stream movies to your Android phone or tablet.

Download Hubi

6. Big Star Movies

Big Star movie is one of the Android apps that stood by winning over 1 million hearts.You can fetch movies from most of the languages with high-quality, but unfortunately, you can’t able to get the Hollywood movies. Apart from the English, you could Hindi, and other regional movies as well. The user-interface is classic and constructive, and you could navigate seamlessly without scratching your head.

Big Star Movies

They have the distinct categories section, where you can find all the movie arranged chronologically according to their genre type. Moreover, the quality of the video might be better, well; apart from this, everything works professionally.

Download Big Star Movies

7. Free Movies For Android

Simplicity is the key feature in free movies app; you can watch movies and other shows on your smartphone without paying any dime. They have the database of over 6000+ movies, best part you’ll the access to those with this free app. This app is relatively smaller than other, but the performance and durability push it forward.

You could able to watch movies from funny to sci-fi without fizzling around the app since the interface is quite decent you won’t face any issue. It operates with your browser; it isn’t a matter of concern if you are looking for free movies online.

Download Free Movies App

8. YouTube

YouTube, the king of all video sharing, websites. It is hosted under the Google roof for years, since then, the growth and videos count grown exponentially. It takes you around 2000+ years to watch all videos in its database. Why can’t you use to watch free movies in your android?


YouTube have many movies uploaded officially from the big gems, but the problem is the ratio of getting the movie you claim is small. Which is makes setback in the race, but you can find the film trailers, video songs and other stuff out there for free. The ads may appear during the initial time, and it disappears.

Download YouTube 

Smartphones turned out into a portable yet “can’t live without” gadget. If you were a hard-core user of the mobile, then you need take some entertainment from them as well. For that, you need to install some of the free movie apps for android to watch movies online. Moreover, you can easily stream movies with these apps.

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