Apple Facetime Data Usage Report 2016 Revealed!

We were humans, we bound with the technology and affection or love in the minimum amount. If you were harnessing the tech with affection it sounds good and provide you the realtime joy as well. Assume your buddy is in the forign country, you have to meet him. Unfortuanetly, you haven’t yet got the VISA to visit the alien country. How we you tackle your need?

Here is were video calling comes handy. With this, you can talk to anyone in thw world Face to face. Best part, many of the free software out there to do the job. If you were a Apple user, Facetime is something not awkward for this.

Apple Facetime one of the best video calling application that is prebuilt on the Apple devices. If you are an old Apple iPhone or iMac user, most probably you have used Facetime for video calling your buddies. Being the Apple device user isn’t a big thing, you need to know each and everything that accomplish your tasks. If you are an avid internet surfer, I’m pretty sure you use Facetime more.

Have you ever uttered the question, How to much data does facetime use?

I bet you don’t care, Right?

But if you are considering the data usage as an important factor, worry not I’ve detailed stats about the Facetime Data usage from my Apple devices.

Apple facetime data usage report

Does Facetime use data?

Before we move further, I’ll clear you few things about the Apple Facetime and its applications so that you will get to know each and every aspect of it.

Let’s start.

What is Apple Facetime?

Apple Facetime is one of the inbuilt application for the Apple devices developed by the Apple Inc. With Facetime, you can easily video call to your buddies with the front facing camera and the picture is of high quality.

Facetime is officially free for Apple users, but the internet connectivity is mandatory to connect with your friends. But one thing that may disappoint is, you won’t be able to use the Facetime for Windows or Android operating system. Facetime is only available for Mac and iOS right now. You can try its alternatives like Skype etc.

Features of Apple Facetime;

Yeah, you got to know what actually Facetime is, now let’s dig bit deeper into its benefits!

  • Seamless video calling irrespective of the devices.
  • Perfectly crafted for the apple platform, so you might get more support and benefits.
  • HD video calling supported.
  • You can Facetime with WiFi or cellular data in your iPhone or iPad.
  • It will easily integrate all your existing contacts and check they were using the Facetime app.
  • Switch between your front or back camera.
  • Best part it is completely free!

Let’s see it’s data usage report.

How Much Data Does Facetime Use? A Data-Driven Answer

It is the obvious question, but the answer is simple.

Not much 🙂

Facetime data usage isn’t equal all the time it may vary with some settings that you have configured with your device like Picture Quality, duration, etc. But for the majority portion, it remains not largely unaltered. Here we’ve revealed the Apple Facetime data usage report, which is from iPhone to iPhone as follows,

iPhone to iPhone Facetime Data use;

  • Calling Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Data Sent: 48 MB
  • Data Out: 51 MB
  • Total Data Usage: 99 MB (Sum of sent and received)

Summing up the data report;

  • Per minute: 3.3 MB
  • Per 10 minutes: 33 MB
  • Per hour: 198 MB

If you are just beginner see about Facetime;


Final Words;

Being the Apple user isn’t a big deal, you need to know its nuts and bolts. Among the various Apple applications, Facetime remains predominant. If you are chatting too much with your friends, you need to keep an eye on the Facetime data usage stats.

So that your internet bills wouldn’t break your bank, so on the users request we had shared the Apple Facetime Data usage report. Feel free to share with your friends and relatives, so that let the know.

If you have any queries regarding How much data does Facetime use? Feel free to drop your comments below!